Friday, August 16, 2013

Prayer Fellowship on 9/12/13, GateKeeper Registration, and LOHS Request for Help!

  • All-LOHOP Prayer Fellowship at 7pm on Thursday Sept 12, 2013. Please do what you can to come (or send a delegate!), as we will be sharing current vision and direction from the Lord.

  • We will be changing the lock box in the next few weeks! Each person who gets the new combination will need to go through a SHORT orientation and complete a "Gatekeeper Registration" form! Email us at for more information!

  • A Lake Orion High School teacher is reaching out to YOU (the Church) for help! Please see this letter for more information... there is a collection box at LOHOP for supplies listed in the letter to help students in the "at-risk" program. We will be collecting and distributing all year, with the first distribution being Sunday, Sept 1st.

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