What is LOHOP all about?

More than one person has asked "what's the house of prayer all about?" The short answer is simply "taste and see!" Here's a longer response to a recent inquiry:

"Hello! We are about hearing from the Father whether blessing or correction. The vision from Him is simply to open a 24/7 house of prayer for this community. The calendar shows when someone will be there; He is still gathering the disciplined and diligent to fill the schedule. There is a prayer log for recording each visit, and many share what they heard from Him while there.

Here are some trends we're seeing: fear of the Lord, pursue Him instead of worldly busyness, sacrificial love, death to self, being satisfied in Him, repenting from pride and hatred of our brethren (within the church especially), being ready. He has said He desires to heal the 'water' of this region, with salt from new jars. We are praying for release of this area from depression and suicide. We seek His face, and desire to sh'ma..to hear so as to obey.

I hope that helps! Best I can suggest to you now is...taste and see! Show up during a hosted time, to pray with someone or to sit quietly and listen for His voice!"